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Patriot Day – In Honor of 9/11

I want to take the time to thank all that fight for our country and our freedom, and also our police and firemen that are on the job every day. You make us feel so safe that we unfortunately forget sometimes all the terrible events that have taken place as we get caught up in our daily lives. Lives that would not be lived without you.

I was able to visit the world trade center site, and after getting a view of the site from church street, we decided to visit St. Paul’s Chapel where they treated victims of 9/11 and where the people that were working around the clock ate and slept. It is truly heart wrenching the stories this place has to tell, but it’s hard to explain as it somehow makes you feel stronger.

I did learn that the newly finished Freedom Tower got its name because it stands 1776 feet tall. 1776 feet in honor of the declaration of independence, the year we became a nation.

God Bless America!