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Salute to the Bulldogs

As we prepare for our last game of the season and the playoffs to follow, I wanted to share just a few of the thousands of images I captured from this perfect season.

Over the past couple of years, I watched these kids learn a lot about themselves. Last year was a lesson in losing, while keeping your head up and never give up. This year we kept that same attitude which so far has led us to an undefeated season. All the while, exercising great sportsmanship as they all know what it is like to be on the losing side of an important game.

When they would notice the opposing team were bigger in size, they knew they needed to play stronger and faster. They never gave up and this perseverance has helped them grow as a team and as individuals. These victories are a result of every single player learning their responsibilities and doing their job every day.

Thanks to everyone that takes the time to volunteer as a coach. The education does not stop when school is out. Some of life’s important lessons are learned on the field.

I am so proud of this team!

North Babylon Bulldogs

NB Bulldogs Tournament Team

Our 8 year old tournament baseball team advanced to the next round tonight with a big win. I’m so proud of these kids, the way they cheer for one another, pick each other up and trust each other to play their hardest. They played against each other all season long, and now they are all teammates and good friends.

Image of the Week | Touchdown

To keep with the Superbowl theme for this weekend, I figured a football picture was appropriate for this week. What’s better than an action sequence of a kid spiking the ball after he just scored a touchdown? I hope everyone enjoys the game and stays safe!

Image of the Week | Bulldogs 2013

In honor of opening day weekend for both the NFL and our hometown NB Bulldogs, the image of the week is the team banner that will be leading our team in today’s opening day ceremony.

Football is back. Go Bulldogs!

Home Run Derby

Watching the home run derby on Monday night with my son made me think of the 2008 home run derby I saw from the seats of Yankee Stadium in 2008. This was the last year of the old stadium. We had field seats behind the visitor dugout and I took a bunch of pictures.

Enjoy the pics!

– Mark

Epic Sports Shots – The Coach

This shot was taken two years ago during a North Babylon Football away game. I was hired to shoot the final game of the season for the 6-7 year old team in Malverne. During halftime, I was able to capture part of an animated pep talk the coach was giving his team while preparing them for the last half of football they would play for the season.

I personally have always connected with this image and I keep coming back to it because for me it captures the essence of what it means to be a coach. The emotion on the coaches face and when he touched his heart, I knew to grab the shot. Coach your knowledge with your heart. These kids listen to your words, do what you ask, they learn the game and all the situations that go along with it from you. Show them the way you know is right.

For all the coaches out there who volunteer their time to children everywhere and don’t expect anything in return but a sense of self-satisfaction, here’s to you! Whether you know it or not, most of the kids you coach will remember you forever. You are a hero to many!


NB Bulldogs Peanut Blue Game 3 at Malverne

It continues to amaze me week after week watching our team grow and evolve into a very exciting football team and group of kids. Each individual player is out there because they want to play. Yet they are actually learning the sport as a team because without your team, it is difficult to teach a young child the rules applied when playing sports, and that is what makes it fair and fun.

I am so proud of our team this year. They are all learning an important lesson of competition. You may not win every battle, but if you stay determined and focused, you can still win the war…..and they did!

The most important thing for me, which makes me feel we are doing something really good…..it’s all about the smiles.

Go Bulldogs!!!



















Some players are just bigger than others….as you can see.


– Mark

North Babylon Bulldogs Peanut Blue–First Game


Bulldogs peanut blue team had an awesome game this past Sunday to start the season. Keep up the good work boys.

Go Bulldogs!!!

Link to pictures from Game 1