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Wedding Portraits

I will always will be a student of photography. I look at pictures all the time, because I enjoy and appreciate them. And most of the time, I am not even looking at wedding pictures, because it’s not inspiring to recreate something that has already been done. To me, looking at pictures helps me look a scene as if it were a picture, so I can see the results before I snap the shutter. It’s not cool to constantly follow someone else’s work or always work from a preconceived shot list. It’s important to be different and it’s difficult to do this without trying.

Many photogs tend to get into a routine where every shot looks the same. Every bride and groom are standing the same, or every bridal party looks like it was posed the same way. That works for some people and that is totally fine, but if you can’t challenge yourself to be different on the spot, then your creativity may go stale. It’s easy to bring contact sheets with you and simply shoot through the notes, but when a situation forces you to be different, now you have to think. If everyone shot the same way, choosing a photographer would be as simple as going with the best price.

Two very important factors to consider when trying to recompose or recreate an  already accomplished shot: People do not all look the same (features, posture, etc.), and the scenery is almost always different. When it comes to portraits, I always include soft close up images into the mix, but most of my compositions will include something in the background or foreground to reveal the subjects surroundings. And for me, that usually means outdoors. somewhere in the sweet spot of a beautiful landscape.


Occasionally, the weather prevents me form working outside and we are forced to move indoors, but the bride and groom chose the venue because of the beautiful landscape. It’s unfortunate, but there are always opportunities to get good images and when you are hired to do a job and deal with these situations, it is always my main priority to try and kill it. Envision possibilities and work with what you have. Move some furniture or use a mirror to expand a really tight space. The last thing I want to do is present the images to the couple and blame my lack of production on Mother Nature. There are no do overs!

– Mark

Help Portrait 2012

Three years ago I joined a Help Portrait community with the help of my friends over at Long Island Photo Gallery. I researched the movement and I found that their mission was quite simple. Find people in need and take their picture.

St. Patrick’s Parish in Bayshore puts on a really nice Christmas party for families in need that do not have much give their children this year. The church feeds these families a nice meal, Radio Disney comes in to get the kids dancing and laughing and then Santa Clause comes in for a visit to deliver each kid a huge bag of gifts that were on their Christmas lists. It is one of the most heart-warming scenes I could ever describe.

My role in this whole thing is to take portraits of all the families that wish to receive a free portrait. The portrait could be of the children or the entire family. Giving the gift of photography, as the Deacon described it. We took professional portraits of each family and our friends at Picture Picasso are gracious enough to print all the pictures out for free. The photos are then delivered to the church where they are distributed to the families for Christmas.

It’s difficult to describe the excitement you feel when you are about to do something good and the reinforcement you feel once you have. I felt like I was on assignment to shoot an important celebrity and I wanted to crush it. I feel like we did. I am privileged to be one of the main shooters for this awesome event and I look forward to doing this and other charity events like it for years to come. If anyone does any charity work and would like to suggest adding photography to the mix, let me know. I would love to help!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year!


Family Day

I had taken the day off to see my son Christopher in his last day of swim lessons and get some stuff done around the house. I always have my camera with me and was took a few shots of Chris at his lesson and Mackenzie decided to model for me while we were waiting.



Custom Albums, Collages & Cards

I have purchased and designed several templates for picture presentation over the years. They include picture collage sets and digital mattes, holiday and thank you cards, and digital papers I use in my custom album design.

See my growing collection here.



Timeless_Beauty 20x20

Baberick Wedding DVD Label

White Wedding 8x10 collage

Something New 5x7FLATfront1

thank you


White Wedding 10x20 collage


My Family 20x10

– Mark

Congratulations Christopher!

It seem like such a short time ago when I was trying to teach my son Christopher to speak, and now I can not get him to be quiet. They say time flies when you’re having fun, but it takes some real effort to take it all in and enjoy every moment. Here you are, just completed your first year of elementary school and with flying colors and smiles.

I am so proud of you Christopher in all that you have achieved. You are very intelligent and there is never a dull moment when you are around. You are always eager to learn and always keep me active playing sports together, doing things we both enjoy. I am very proud when you call me dad and that you still say I am your best buddy in the world, because you are mine.

What tops it all off is your amazing personality. It is setting a great example for your proud, silly sister who is certain to follow in your footsteps. She sure enjoys being around you.

Love you Buddy!







Congratulations Peggy & Michael

Peggy & Mike are two very cool people. I had such a great time documenting their wedding for them. The weather was perfect, the Harbor Links Golf Club is awesome, The Times Square Orchestra kicked ass and their family and friends kept the party going strong all night. You just could not help yourself from singing the words to every song they played. There were not many people sitting during this reception.










Congratulations you guys. I know you will have an awesome life together.

– Mark