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Image of the Week | Posed? Kinda.

This weeks image of the week is part of a bride & groom shoot taken earlier this year. Once I am finished grabbing all the formal family and wedding party images, I spend time with the bride & groom and we have some fun. This is the first time the couple are together without an entourage and they usually embrace the moment. I had the opportunity to spend some time with them during the engagement shoot last summer, so I am familiar with the couple in front of my camera. This is key.

As a wedding photographer, I need to have the skills to pull off a great portrait and I am constantly studying and trying different types of lighting. The lighting is key and when done right, it appears as if the image was lit naturally. The place sometimes looks like a studio set (portable however, cause we are constantly moving) for a TV show with the lighting and surrounding people waiting to grab their own snaps of what I am creating. Grab all you want. No flash however, while I’m getting mines!

When I am working with the bride & groom, I need to make them feel as if we are alone no matter the case. To me a portrait is not just about posing, but even more important is the expression. This image was directed in that I told them where and how to stand, the groom to put his hands around her waist and for her to place her hand on his chest. All natural and simple posing. If the posing gets complicated, then the images do not look natural and may as well be deleted from the camera. I asked the groom to gently lean in and kiss the side her forehead while the bride looks away. When the groom went in for the move, I called the brides name and she looked at me with the emotion she was feeling just as the groom laid the kiss on her. It can be hit or miss, but this technique can be quite rewarding if all goes well. A nice image to add to their collection and the bride is wearing a beautiful expression.


Romeo and Juiet

One of my favorite images from a recent wedding. I had just caught up to this image while processing some of the 4,000 images taken on this day.

Finally some nice weather. Enjoy the weekend everyone.


Beautiful Wedding Day

Just a sneak peak at the wedding from this past weekend. We were blessed with such a beautiful day and we all had an awesome time. I grabbed some from the batch as I skimmed through quickly and decided to post just a few. There is still a lot of work to be done as this was a very long day and a lot of pictures to go through.

I am going to be very busy through the next few months, but I will definitely find some time to post some pictures with a little blurb at the very least.

Congratulations Angela & Mark!

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– Mark

Congratulations Angela & Mark

Angela and Mark will be tying the knot in less than a month and the weather is warming up nicely. I just finished designing their engagement collage which will be displayed at the reception of the wedding. Wedding season is almost in full swing and after a day in NY like today, who could you not have spring fever.

I hope everyone is enjoying this weather and taking lots of pictures!

The Wedding Album

The wedding album is the icing on the cake for me when it comes to wedding photography. It’s the ultimate presentation of the favorite images and it better be pretty damn awesome. Which is why I enjoy designing these books so much.

Some time after the bride & groom have seen their images, they will select their favorites for the album or allow me the power so select these images, or a little of both. In either case, I then get to work on designing a book that begins as a single blank white page and becomes a carefully designed masterpiece filled with some of their most cherished memories of the wedding day.

Early Career Wedding Asssignments

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I hope everyone had a chance to get out and participate in a little partying this weekend. It felt good to have a little fun while I prep for a busy wedding & portrait season. Wedding dates are getting closer as the weather slowly beings to warm up.

I have also been working on my basement studio where I like to play when the conditions prevent me from shooting outdoors. I plan to use the studio to shoot higher end studio portraiture for individual and family pictures. These include sports portraits, religious and holiday themed portraits and professional head shots. I am building of inventory of backgrounds and props and my studio lighting is all set, but I also shoot a lot of pictures on a plain background and put those pictures into a themed collage set.  I’ll post some pictures of the studio soon showing it in operation. I will be taking some dance and communion portraits in the near future.

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Photo Collages Continued….

With such a beautiful day, spring fever has kicked in pretty hard. I booked a couple of weddings this past weekend for guests that attended a Fire Island beach wedding I photographed. I got inspired to build a few collages from that beach wedding and one communion collage since it is that time of year. I hope everyone is enjoying the weather we’re blessed with this weekend.

Mark Stumpf Photography: Collages &emdash; I Do 12x12

Mark Stumpf Photography: Collages &emdash; I Do 12x12 2

Mark Stumpf Photography: Collages &emdash; Pretty Pastel 8x8

Baby Story

Congratulations to Rosemarie, Dave, Emily & Chloe on the new addition to your family, Joseph Shea Busse. I am looking forward to getting some images of that beautiful baby boy to put the finishing touches on this baby photo story.

Studio Promotions

Current Studio Promotions

I have promotional portrait packages for your upcoming first holy communion. These Portrait sessions can be scheduled for any time, outdoors or in studio. Contact me for more details.