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Photo Collages Continued….

With such a beautiful day, spring fever has kicked in pretty hard. I booked a couple of weddings this past weekend for guests that attended a Fire Island beach wedding I photographed. I got inspired to build a few collages from that beach wedding and one communion collage since it is that time of year. I hope everyone is enjoying the weather we’re blessed with this weekend.

Mark Stumpf Photography: Collages &emdash; I Do 12x12

Mark Stumpf Photography: Collages &emdash; I Do 12x12 2

Mark Stumpf Photography: Collages &emdash; Pretty Pastel 8x8

Baby Story

Congratulations to Rosemarie, Dave, Emily & Chloe on the new addition to your family, Joseph Shea Busse. I am looking forward to getting some images of that beautiful baby boy to put the finishing touches on this baby photo story.

Studio Promotions

Current Studio Promotions

I have promotional portrait packages for your upcoming first holy communion. These Portrait sessions can be scheduled for any time, outdoors or in studio. Contact me for more details.


Help Portrait 2012

Three years ago I joined a Help Portrait community with the help of my friends over at Long Island Photo Gallery. I researched the movement and I found that their mission was quite simple. Find people in need and take their picture.

St. Patrick’s Parish in Bayshore puts on a really nice Christmas party for families in need that do not have much give their children this year. The church feeds these families a nice meal, Radio Disney comes in to get the kids dancing and laughing and then Santa Clause comes in for a visit to deliver each kid a huge bag of gifts that were on their Christmas lists. It is one of the most heart-warming scenes I could ever describe.

My role in this whole thing is to take portraits of all the families that wish to receive a free portrait. The portrait could be of the children or the entire family. Giving the gift of photography, as the Deacon described it. We took professional portraits of each family and our friends at Picture Picasso are gracious enough to print all the pictures out for free. The photos are then delivered to the church where they are distributed to the families for Christmas.

It’s difficult to describe the excitement you feel when you are about to do something good and the reinforcement you feel once you have. I felt like I was on assignment to shoot an important celebrity and I wanted to crush it. I feel like we did. I am privileged to be one of the main shooters for this awesome event and I look forward to doing this and other charity events like it for years to come. If anyone does any charity work and would like to suggest adding photography to the mix, let me know. I would love to help!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year!


Family Day

I had taken the day off to see my son Christopher in his last day of swim lessons and get some stuff done around the house. I always have my camera with me and was took a few shots of Chris at his lesson and Mackenzie decided to model for me while we were waiting.



Congratulations Peggy & Michael

Peggy & Mike are two very cool people. I had such a great time documenting their wedding for them. The weather was perfect, the Harbor Links Golf Club is awesome, The Times Square Orchestra kicked ass and their family and friends kept the party going strong all night. You just could not help yourself from singing the words to every song they played. There were not many people sitting during this reception.










Congratulations you guys. I know you will have an awesome life together.

– Mark

Florida Continued….

Every time we visit Mom in Florida, we always take a trip to the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter. Lots of cool animals that you can see up close. It seems to put the kids in a good mood, which then puts me in a good mood. We had a nice time.



The many silly faces of Mackenzie. Her and Chris love to make us laugh.




Rumors Confirmed – Disney Is Fun!

I haven’t been to Disney World since I was a kid, so I was looking forward to going almost as much as the kids. Chris got a Disney trip for his 6th birthday and has been waiting for 4 months to go. What a huge place! Words can not describe how big this place is (unless your discussing the actual square mileage of property).

It felt good to get away, even if it meant two straight days of walking and carrying stuff. Mackenzie actually stayed awake through the fireworks whereas Chris was knocked out before they even started. Of course, cause he did all the walking while the princess rode in the stroller and had a nap.

Chris really wanted to try his first roller coaster. So we went toward Space Mountain and jumped on the rocket ship ride directly across from it. Lots to see and do, had an awesome time with the family.

Just a few of Chris’ favorite pics.