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Florida Continued….

Every time we visit Mom in Florida, we always take a trip to the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter. Lots of cool animals that you can see up close. It seems to put the kids in a good mood, which then puts me in a good mood. We had a nice time.



The many silly faces of Mackenzie. Her and Chris love to make us laugh.




Crystal and John

It was a pretty nice day for an early March wedding on Long Island. I’m happy the young newlyweds had good weather. The ceremony was held at St. Joseph’s Church in Babylon, which is close to home and the reception continued at Chateau La Mer in Lindenhurst. Although, a bit chilly by the water, we still got pictures outside and everyone seemed to have a good time. Here’s a preview to their story….

Congratulations Crystal and John!





















This kid was cutting up the rug all night….



My new toys came the other day

I have been putting off getting the new (new to me at least) pocket wizard FlexTT5 transceivers. For years, I have been using the multimax units, but have been anxiously awaiting using the high-speed sync capabilities of these TTL units for outdoor use. I finally took the plunge and picked up three units. So far, I have used them to shoot a wedding. No situations however to hyper sync the flashes, but I was able to test them with the multimax units and no problems there. No extra wires to connect, cause they sit right on the hot shoe, which is nice.I tried the FlexTT5's outside today very briefly and they seem to work pretty awesome. I shot a few frames of my son in the early afternoon sun after we were done playing football. At f2.8, ISO 200, the first is at 1/2000 and the second is 1/5000. So far, me likey.

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Whether we are prepared or not, the holidays are approaching and fast

November is the time of year when wedding season slows down for me, and I spend more time at the computer designing albums.I also begin booking client sessions for holiday portraits which is really cool. It's a nice change of pace from the long hours and tight demanding schedules of wedding shooting. I began doing portraiture about two years ago, and I am so glad I did. I even signed up for Help Portrait with some fellow friend shooters and we do portraits with Santa here at a local church to give some families a beautiful family picture they wouldn't be able to afford if it weren't free. We all pool our gear and studio equipment (backdrops and such) and put together a really nice setup for these families. It's a really nice time.If you make a really nice portrait, clients will want more than holiday cards. Some studios out there use some really nice painted muslin backdrops, and to be honest, this is really the only time I can see using studio backdrops for portraiture. I don't use backdrops and I am thinking of getting one for Christmas portraits.I am looking forward to taking some good portraits this holiday season. I just hope I don't wait too long to send out my own holiday cards. I always seem to send them out late.

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Holiday portrait image session with one setup. $300 includes $200 purchase credit or $200 includes $100 purchase credit toward holiday greeting cards (several holiday card templates available), prints…

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Had fun trick or treating with the kids

Still need to take portraits of them with their costumes, but Punky did a real nice job for her first real halloween. Chris was showing her the ropes and how to be most productive. Work quick, more houses…..more candy.

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Portrait Day

I spend most of my time behind the camera taking photojournalistic event images, but I really enjoy a good portrait session with one of my favorite subjects, my son Christopher. I am actually hoping to do more portrait work next year because I enjoy it so much. I get to use my studio lighting equipment and modifiers that I can’t always use when I am shooting a wedding cause I am moving around so much. I enjoy putting together a complex setup with soft boxes, umbrellas, gels, grids and snoots, but I appreciate when you can get awesome results from one key light, off-camera to blend with the ambient light which sings by itself.

We were supposed to have portrait day this past weekend for my son’s football team, but Mother Nature did not allow it. Another photog taking pictures of my son, he won’t allow it….he won’t smile right. So we decided to gear up and take some pictures right out in the backyard. I wanted to get some images for the family that will show his true personality (clown) and that he will enjoy. After snapping 25 images in different poses, with and without the helmet. Chris and I narrowed it down to 18 that we really likes (mostly cause he made silly faces), but he told me he wanted specific images for his bedroom wall and one that he wanted to put in his wallet. He doesn’t like the picture day portraits that we take with the rest of the team. We really just go for the team photo so he can always remember all his team mates.







Just go out and take some pictures.

– Mark