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Image of the Week | Mom & Dad

There are many important things to pay attention to during a wedding ceremony, some of which does not even occur on the main stage. There are many guests and everyone at the ceremony is in some way important to the couple getting married.

My job is to tell a story with my images and that does not mean keep the camera pointed at the couple. I need to keep an eye on the people in the first couple of rows…such as Mom & Dad. Very proud and emotional beyond control, mom could not stop herself from crying tears of joy as her daughter is starting a new journey in her life. Dad, trying to keep it together as best he can, and checking in on Mom as he knows how she is feeling. This image helps tell the story because you can almost feel the emotion pouring out of this still photograph.

The Wedding Album

The wedding album is the icing on the cake for me when it comes to wedding photography. It’s the ultimate presentation of the favorite images and it better be pretty damn awesome. Which is why I enjoy designing these books so much.

Some time after the bride & groom have seen their images, they will select their favorites for the album or allow me the power so select these images, or a little of both. In either case, I then get to work on designing a book that begins as a single blank white page and becomes a carefully designed masterpiece filled with some of their most cherished memories of the wedding day.

Photo Collages Continued….

With such a beautiful day, spring fever has kicked in pretty hard. I booked a couple of weddings this past weekend for guests that attended a Fire Island beach wedding I photographed. I got inspired to build a few collages from that beach wedding and one communion collage since it is that time of year. I hope everyone is enjoying the weather we’re blessed with this weekend.

Mark Stumpf Photography: Collages &emdash; I Do 12x12

Mark Stumpf Photography: Collages &emdash; I Do 12x12 2

Mark Stumpf Photography: Collages &emdash; Pretty Pastel 8x8

Baby Story

Congratulations to Rosemarie, Dave, Emily & Chloe on the new addition to your family, Joseph Shea Busse. I am looking forward to getting some images of that beautiful baby boy to put the finishing touches on this baby photo story.

Wedding Photojournalism

I met with a client recently and they were blown away with the amount of photojournalistic pictures that were made at the wedding reception. These moments are as natural as it gets. It appears that I am right in front of the subject when these images are taken, but that is not the case. I do not want the subject aware of my presence when I am shooting these images. If they were aware, the emotions would not look natural. When I approached the bride and groom at the end of the reception to say goodbye and one last congratulations, she looked at me in surprise and said “I honestly thought you left”.

That’s the way it should be. I’m going to post some different photojournalistic images over the next couple of weeks as I update my portfolio with some of my more recent images.

Mark Stumpf Photography - Photojournalism


– Mark


Family Day

I had taken the day off to see my son Christopher in his last day of swim lessons and get some stuff done around the house. I always have my camera with me and was took a few shots of Chris at his lesson and Mackenzie decided to model for me while we were waiting.



Congratulations Christopher!

It seem like such a short time ago when I was trying to teach my son Christopher to speak, and now I can not get him to be quiet. They say time flies when you’re having fun, but it takes some real effort to take it all in and enjoy every moment. Here you are, just completed your first year of elementary school and with flying colors and smiles.

I am so proud of you Christopher in all that you have achieved. You are very intelligent and there is never a dull moment when you are around. You are always eager to learn and always keep me active playing sports together, doing things we both enjoy. I am very proud when you call me dad and that you still say I am your best buddy in the world, because you are mine.

What tops it all off is your amazing personality. It is setting a great example for your proud, silly sister who is certain to follow in your footsteps. She sure enjoys being around you.

Love you Buddy!







Congratulations Peggy & Michael

Peggy & Mike are two very cool people. I had such a great time documenting their wedding for them. The weather was perfect, the Harbor Links Golf Club is awesome, The Times Square Orchestra kicked ass and their family and friends kept the party going strong all night. You just could not help yourself from singing the words to every song they played. There were not many people sitting during this reception.










Congratulations you guys. I know you will have an awesome life together.

– Mark