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The Calm Before The Storm

One week before hurricane Irene almost completely evacuated Fire Island, I was shooting a wedding on beautiful Ocean Beach, Fire Island. There was rain in the forecast, but Mother Nature was understanding and it didn’t start to rain until I was well on my way back home. Coincidentally, this wedding was postponed from the previous weekend when we had the torrential rain storm that stopped the ferry service from going to Fire Island. Crazy weather.

Anyway, we were moving quickly in anticipation of bad weather and still got all the shots we wanted. It was a beautiful day and makes me wish I spent more time on Fire Island.
















Fire Island is a pretty awesome place to tie the knot. I love the beach….

Congratulations to Stephanie & Al!

Joanna & Xavier

I met them when they contacted me earlier this year regarding their upcoming wedding. A beautiful couple who love spending time and exercising together. They were on vacation somewhere far away and met another couple from long island that were vacationing on their honeymoon, who’s wedding I had just photographed. The two couples became friendly during their time away. Joanna & Xavier were recently engaged at the time and were in the beginning stages of the wedding planning. I learned when I first met Joanna that this couple I mentioned had spoke so highly of my work while they were away, she felt she had to contact me…..and they did.

We had an awesome engagement session only a week before the wedding and displayed a beautiful 24×30 framed collage at the wedding reception showcasing some of the pictures. They were married in Elmont and the reception was at the beautiful Swan Club in Roslyn.

I’m not too good with the words. Let’s get to some of the pictures……..













Congratulations Joanna & Xavier. I had an awesome time shooting your wedding. You have a beautiful family.

– Mark

Wedding Memories

The wedding album is the icing on the cake. It’s the last time I touch the images from that shoot and move on to other shoots and projects. It’s the way it is. Which is why I prefer to design all albums myself instead of outsourcing to someone no matter how busy I am. They would probably do a good job, but do not know the images like I do. They don’t know why or how I took a particular image.

I’ve been the busiest I have ever been and I still manage to design all the albums for all my clients. This is another album I recently finished for a great couple.

Melissa & Teddy

I am almost ready to send another wedding album off for print and bind. Before I do, I thought I would post a Wedding Album Preview of some of the pages that will be inside this album.

I hope you like!

Don’t be caught by surprise….

Getting married?

If so, congratulations to you both. Your wedding day is a day you should both look forward to. It’s hard enough trying to remember everything that has happened on this day. Heaven forbid something was to go wrong, you will be sure not to forget it. For most of us, it is the most important day we have been part of at that point in our lives. Tons of planning and anticipation leading up to one special day. In our minds we act out what the day might bring and it is always perfect, as it should be. Enjoy the anticipation and take time with your planning.

I have had the experience to shoot beside a wealth of different people in the wedding entertainment and service business and am very careful as to who I would actually label a professional in their field. Every catering hall has unique offerings and everyone does things their own way. Most of these people are business people and the smile on their face when you meet them simply means nothing more than “Can I have your money please?”. I speak from experience which I will not go into detail about here, but I will offer a few suggestions that I strongly feel are some of the most important questions people never ask?

  1. Ask your limo company exactly how much time you have the car(s) for and what time the driver needs to leave. Most companies book events back to back, so if you are running just a little bit late, you do not even have the luxury of offering the driver extra money for sticking around an additional hour. I’ve seen drivers get cursed out for being to pushy when trying to manage a tight schedule. You also need to consider your schedule. What time you should be ready, is the limo driver waiting for you to finish the ceremony, extra time for pictures after the ceremony, and is the driver taking you to a remote location to take pictures prior to the reception. Putting together a timeline and bringing it with you at the time of booking is not a bad idea.
  2. Make sure you leave time between the ceremony and reception for pictures, or just so you are not rushing around on a day you are supposed to be enjoying. Some couples elect to take either the formal or Bride and Groom pictures or both before the ceremony. This is usually a good plan and is a result of the fast-paced New York style weddings that we can never get used to, as long as you don’t mind seeing each other before the ceremony, which for some couples is not an option. Have you ever been to a wedding outside New York……totally different.
  3. Ask to manager at the catering venue how many events at most could be occurring at the time of your wedding. This is an extremely important question. If there are several parties going on at the time of your wedding, this may limit your use of the beautiful lobby or outdoor landscapes that they offer and assisted in your decision for selecting the venue. If there is another wedding occurring as the same time as your and the other wedding booked the bigger, more expensive room, they will have no problems dismissing your requests to take pictures at a location that is being used by another party.

Just some things to think about. If you ask these questions before you actually book, it will only assure you are getting what you paid for.