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The Wedding Album

The wedding album is the icing on the cake for me when it comes to wedding photography. It’s the ultimate presentation of the favorite images and it better be pretty damn awesome. Which is why I enjoy designing these books so much.

Some time after the bride & groom have seen their images, they will select their favorites for the album or allow me the power so select these images, or a little of both. In either case, I then get to work on designing a book that begins as a single blank white page and becomes a carefully designed masterpiece filled with some of their most cherished memories of the wedding day.

Congratulations Lauren & David

I photographed a wedding recently at the beautiful Danfords Hotel & Marina in Port Jefferson. As with every event I document, I visited the location beforehand to scout indoor and outdoor photo locations. I always need to be prepared for both good and bad weather, because you never really know what Mother Nature’s mood will be the day of your wedding.

We were able to capture a few pictures outside by the water, but it started to rain about 7 minutes in. Once the rain started falling, everyone scattered back to the hotel with their umbrellas already handy. Since I happen to carry photographic umbrellas with me as part of my gear, I had an idea to create a “kissing in the rain” photo in front of the hotel’s entrance. The rain actually stopped for a few minutes as the bride and groom assume positions, but it still turned out cool. The back-lit scene would have made the rain drops very clear in the frame if it were still raining. I secured one of my lights underneath the umbrella to light them from the top. I knew I needed to light them somehow, as it was dark out at this point and basic off-camera flash did not seem adventurous enough for me. I grabbed some great photos throughout the day and was very pleased with the result due to being prepared.

I had a meeting with the bride and groom this past weekend to go through their wedding photos with them. I always have the bride and groom come by the house to view all the wedding photos because I enjoy seeing their reactions to the images. It’s the icing in the cake.











– Mark

Congratulations Rose & Vinny!

It was great hanging out with these two just two weeks after their recent engagement. The engagement sessions are important to me because it gives me the chance to get to know the couple before the wedding. I get to put them in front of my camera before the big day.

Practice usually makes perfect!







Dorothy & Paul – Awesome Fire Island Wedding

Earlier this year, I was contacted by Dorothy and Paul,  a lovely couple from Virginia who had plans to get married here at the Fire Island Lighthouse. Dorothy is originally from Hawaii and Paul lived on Long Island years ago, but had never visited the lighthouse. The idea was to have an outdoor wedding by the beach and were both pretty excited when they found this spot.

Given the distance between their home and here, they did plan a couple of trips up to check out the venue and meet with a photographer. They found me while searching the internet for long island wedding photographers and noticed that I had covered weddings at the lighthouse before and also had some personal landscape images there as well. We met in person on their last trip up and they decided to hire me after we talked and looked at pictures and albums for almost two hours. I was praying that the weather would be awesome as I had so many ideas for images visioned in my head. I love to visit this place and it’s a home run every chance I have to go there.

They had a very personal and traditional Hawaiian ceremony planned where they both placed leis on all of their guests (including myself and the officiant) which was very cool. We’re not talking cheap paper leis either. They were made and flown in from Hawaii and were some of the most beautiful decorations I had ever seen.

Everything was perfect for this day and I am excited and honored to have been selected to document their special day.

Congratulations Dorothy and Paul!


– Mark

Congratulations Peggy & Michael

Peggy & Mike are two very cool people. I had such a great time documenting their wedding for them. The weather was perfect, the Harbor Links Golf Club is awesome, The Times Square Orchestra kicked ass and their family and friends kept the party going strong all night. You just could not help yourself from singing the words to every song they played. There were not many people sitting during this reception.










Congratulations you guys. I know you will have an awesome life together.

– Mark