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The Wedding Album

The wedding album is the icing on the cake for me when it comes to wedding photography. It’s the ultimate presentation of the favorite images and it better be pretty damn awesome. Which is why I enjoy designing these books so much.

Some time after the bride & groom have seen their images, they will select their favorites for the album or allow me the power so select these images, or a little of both. In either case, I then get to work on designing a book that begins as a single blank white page and becomes a carefully designed masterpiece filled with some of their most cherished memories of the wedding day.

Custom Albums, Collages & Cards

I have purchased and designed several templates for picture presentation over the years. They include picture collage sets and digital mattes, holiday and thank you cards, and digital papers I use in my custom album design.

See my growing collection here.



Timeless_Beauty 20x20

Baberick Wedding DVD Label

White Wedding 8x10 collage

Something New 5x7FLATfront1

thank you


White Wedding 10x20 collage


My Family 20x10

– Mark

Building relationships with your camera.

I met Kelly & T.J. while they were planning their wedding and new lives together. Eager and careful when choosing their wedding services, they knew exactly what they were looking for. We met for a little over an hour discussing details and interests and I realized they just wanted to feel comfortable in knowing they weren’t just getting a cookie cutter wedding package with a stranger showing up on their wedding day. They were getting something that fits them.

We ended our meeting having discussed a lot of wedding stuff and they wanted to still discuss amongst themselves before making a decision. I received an email 10 minutes later while they were still on their way home that I was chosen as their photographer. They were gracious and kind and we began to build a friendship before a single image was even taken.

Fast Forward – It’s been almost two years since we first met. Their wedding album is now complete and in two months they will be blessed with a new edition to their family. All the best to you guys. You are awesome and have been nothing but good to me.

Thank you and Congratulations!

Hit he play button to see Kelly & TJ’s wedding album.

There are many moments during the wedding day that help tell the story back in the…

There are many moments during the wedding day that help tell the story back in the wedding album if they are anticipated and captured properly. It doesn't matter how good your memory is…when you jam-pack that much stuff into one day, you won't retain memory of everything.

Undirected expressions usually show true emotion. When someone looks back at a picture of themself from a particular moment….they can usually remember what was going through their minds at that moment, helping relive the experience all over again. That's what I try and document.

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Wedding Album Design

I must admit, I enjoy designing the wedding album almost as much as I do shooting the actual wedding. I get to put my images into a book and lay them out in such a way to tell a story. I always know when I’m shooting what images are going to look great in the album. Some of my clients even give me full control on the selection of the images that go into the album, which is hard because I always like more than I am supposed to choose to fit in the album. Seeing the images in the album however, is much than looking at the images individually. When the images are in the album, they are not constrained by the image edges, it is a composite piece of the page, much like a magazine. This is why they call it magazine-style layout.

I like to share some of my designs from time to time, because I do not use templates when I design each album, so every album I design is unique. In the end, I am always proud of the design work, but I am more proud of the images I am able to put into the album. That is what makes the album priceless.

My Leather Craftsmen Album

I picked up my new leather craftsmen studio sample album a few weeks ago and I am very happy with it. It is a beautiful book. I went with a 12″x12″ size which opens to 12″x24″ panoramic when viewing it’s 62 pages. The book is so well crafted and you feel it when you pick it up and turn the page. I’m not sure of the actual weight, but it is very solid and the slipcase is a nice touch.

It is absolutely impossible to have samples for every available cover option that they offer, so I went with a classy personal favorite. I chose a cedar brown euro leather with an ivory euro leather vertical stripe where my studio name is inscribed into the ivory stripe. It’s freaking sweet! I do have swatch kits to show all available leather and fabric cover choices, but it does it almost no justice until you get to look and feel it.


They even stamp the box with my studio logo. Sweet!







My studio logo goes on the back cover of the book. Nice touch.



I am very happy with my new sample book from Leather Craftsmen and I am excited to show it to my clients. Only a few have actually seen it so far, but I already have a couple of orders sold.

Thanks LC.

– Mark Stumpf

Mark Stumpf Photography

Wedding Memories

The wedding album is the icing on the cake. It’s the last time I touch the images from that shoot and move on to other shoots and projects. It’s the way it is. Which is why I prefer to design all albums myself instead of outsourcing to someone no matter how busy I am. They would probably do a good job, but do not know the images like I do. They don’t know why or how I took a particular image.

I’ve been the busiest I have ever been and I still manage to design all the albums for all my clients. This is another album I recently finished for a great couple.

Melissa & Teddy

I am almost ready to send another wedding album off for print and bind. Before I do, I thought I would post a Wedding Album Preview of some of the pages that will be inside this album.

I hope you like!