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Building relationships with your camera.

I met Kelly & T.J. while they were planning their wedding and new lives together. Eager and careful when choosing their wedding services, they knew exactly what they were looking for. We met for a little over an hour discussing details and interests and I realized they just wanted to feel comfortable in knowing they weren’t just getting a cookie cutter wedding package with a stranger showing up on their wedding day. They were getting something that fits them.

We ended our meeting having discussed a lot of wedding stuff and they wanted to still discuss amongst themselves before making a decision. I received an email 10 minutes later while they were still on their way home that I was chosen as their photographer. They were gracious and kind and we began to build a friendship before a single image was even taken.

Fast Forward – It’s been almost two years since we first met. Their wedding album is now complete and in two months they will be blessed with a new edition to their family. All the best to you guys. You are awesome and have been nothing but good to me.

Thank you and Congratulations!

Hit he play button to see Kelly & TJ’s wedding album.

Probably my favorite thing about engagement shoots are that they can be planned for…

Probably my favorite thing about engagement shoots are that they can be planned for any day and time, You can actually plan for a nice sunset rather than hope for one. If it rains, you can reschedule. Engagement photos can turn out to be pretty important if it rains on the wedding day and you don't get nice photos outside.

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To continue my series on reflection images, I thought I would include this shot as…

To continue my series on reflection images, I thought I would include this shot as I feel it can be important to the preparation images. Most often when covering the bride getting ready, it is tight quarters with people and stuff everywhere. It can sometimes be difficult to capture candid images of anyone when there is no where to hide…..always in their face. This is another situation where a mirror can really help. I was shooting some detail shots of the dress, shoes, etc. I hung the dress right next to the mirror on the closet door and I opened the door so my angle of view was of the bride having a moment to herself before she put her dress on. Simple and Effective. Without the dress in the composition, you wouldn't even know she was a bride. She could be tying her shoes getting ready for a run.

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Here is yet another piece of my reflections series

As much as I love and look for reflections when I am shooting, I will emphasize that they should be used smart and sparingly. I never did like the mirror prop for the class pictures in high school. I thought it was cheesy.What a coincidence that this newlywed and mother-to-be in this photo happened to post a reflective photo of herself recently of her baby bump. Nice work Kelly and I hope you're feeling well.

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Not exactly a trash the dress session, but how could you have a beach wedding without…

Not exactly a trash the dress session, but how could you have a beach wedding without getting a little wet. The bride was very cool. She did not want to completely ruin her dress, but she didn't mind getting the bottom wet and full of sand. So in the water we went.

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Whether we are prepared or not, the holidays are approaching and fast

November is the time of year when wedding season slows down for me, and I spend more time at the computer designing albums.I also begin booking client sessions for holiday portraits which is really cool. It's a nice change of pace from the long hours and tight demanding schedules of wedding shooting. I began doing portraiture about two years ago, and I am so glad I did. I even signed up for Help Portrait with some fellow friend shooters and we do portraits with Santa here at a local church to give some families a beautiful family picture they wouldn't be able to afford if it weren't free. We all pool our gear and studio equipment (backdrops and such) and put together a really nice setup for these families. It's a really nice time.If you make a really nice portrait, clients will want more than holiday cards. Some studios out there use some really nice painted muslin backdrops, and to be honest, this is really the only time I can see using studio backdrops for portraiture. I don't use backdrops and I am thinking of getting one for Christmas portraits.I am looking forward to taking some good portraits this holiday season. I just hope I don't wait too long to send out my own holiday cards. I always seem to send them out late.

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Holiday portrait image session with one setup. $300 includes $200 purchase credit or $200 includes $100 purchase credit toward holiday greeting cards (several holiday card templates available), prints…

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Portrait Day

I spend most of my time behind the camera taking photojournalistic event images, but I really enjoy a good portrait session with one of my favorite subjects, my son Christopher. I am actually hoping to do more portrait work next year because I enjoy it so much. I get to use my studio lighting equipment and modifiers that I can’t always use when I am shooting a wedding cause I am moving around so much. I enjoy putting together a complex setup with soft boxes, umbrellas, gels, grids and snoots, but I appreciate when you can get awesome results from one key light, off-camera to blend with the ambient light which sings by itself.

We were supposed to have portrait day this past weekend for my son’s football team, but Mother Nature did not allow it. Another photog taking pictures of my son, he won’t allow it….he won’t smile right. So we decided to gear up and take some pictures right out in the backyard. I wanted to get some images for the family that will show his true personality (clown) and that he will enjoy. After snapping 25 images in different poses, with and without the helmet. Chris and I narrowed it down to 18 that we really likes (mostly cause he made silly faces), but he told me he wanted specific images for his bedroom wall and one that he wanted to put in his wallet. He doesn’t like the picture day portraits that we take with the rest of the team. We really just go for the team photo so he can always remember all his team mates.







Just go out and take some pictures.

– Mark