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Three Reasons We Love Fall Weddings

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Fall is upon us (or at least that is what we keep telling ourselves) which means fall weddings are right around the corner! Now, you may not share our enthusiasm for that season weddings, but hear us out and you may start to agree with us before you know it.

Perfect Fall Wedding Reason #1: Amazing Weather

Seriously, how many of us have had to sit through sweltering ceremonies? The bugs, the a/c going out at just the right moment and hair and makeup going to waste within five minutes of stepping outside is enough to make anyone go crazy. Well, you don’t have that problem in the fall. We love it when a crisp bit of air makes its way through a wedding reception and cools everything off to the perfect temperature. Our hair stays in place and there is nothing that can’t be cured with a little shawl or cardigan. We can even dance without becoming drenched in sweat. What’s not to like?

Perfect Fall Wedding Reason #2: Amazing Foliage

Mother Nature seriously gets down to decorating in the fall. The deep reds and the yellows become interspersed with a tiny bit of green and leaves us breathless every year. Fall foliage is the perfect inspiration for wedding colors and you can even save a bit on décor since we all know we can try to compete with Mother Nature but she definitely has the upper hand. Don’t be afraid to steal some of her ideas for your reception either, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Perfect Fall Wedding Reason #3: Amazing Food

Fall is when we can begin to bring out the homey, baked with love foods. Can anyone say pumpkin pie? So many flavors are right at home during this time of the year that our mouths begin to water the minute the seasons change. I don’t know about you but give us a sweet potato pie and crab bisque over petit fours and tea sandwiches any day.

So, there you have it. We have proclaimed our undying love for fall weddings. The days of fighting sweltering heat are done, Mother Nature’s natural beauty is allowed to shine again and the food. Everything is just spectacular!

Woodland-Inspiration-Shoot-131-1photo credit Simply Jessie Photography

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