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My Photography Portfolio

As someone who maintains and designs his own website, I am always looking for ways to improve my sites delivery of visual content and ease of use. I want to provide a professional presentation for my images, which is also functional in handling the volume for many visitors. Oh yeah, and it needs to be flexible enough to modify if I change my mind and feel like overhauling the design. Not too much to ask, right? It is when you are hosting your own images.

6 years ago, I incorporated a photo-hosting service to my site and  it was one of the best business decisions I could have made. With this, I could still design the landing page and any other informational pages from scratch, but photo hosting would be handled by the experts. It provided my clients with private, password-protected galleries and a nice viewing experience while allowing them the added luxury of ordering prints and products with secure e-commerce. It also provided my business with a professional web presence for my portfolio and handles album photo selections and connects me with the client through each image. This was Huge!

I have had all this in place now for a while, so the improvements I focus on now are strictly geared towards presentation and web presence. I work hard to create beautiful imagery and I want the best presentation for my images. After all, my web site is my primary portfolio and the first place most people see my images if they are considering hiring me. I have toyed around with a couple of different designs for my portfolio page, such as image thumbnails and slideshows with music. What I really want is a page that takes into account the orientation and dimensions of each individual image and displayed them in such a way that they could all exist on one page and still be neat. I think I have finally found it.

I included links below to both my new and old portfolio pages, which presently coexist. I plan to make the decision by the end of the week to deploy the new site or not. If I decide to deploy the new site, it will take over my existing portfolio domain and the old one will be gone.

All opinions are appreciated, and thanks for checking in!

New Portfolio

Old Portfolio