Memorial Day Weekend

Although summer doesn’t officially begin for almost a month, I consider Memorial Day weekend the beginning of summer. A long holiday weekend (for most), filled with parades, car & air shows and barbecue. There are also plenty of people out there need to work feverishly in order for the rest of us to enjoy our time off. Retail stores running holiday sales, market workers where we purchase goodies for our backyard bash and of course the beverage distributor, which always has a line out the door.


For the past 6 years, I have been attending the Jones Beach Air Show with the kids and it truly is an amazing show. The Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds would attend every year wrapping the show up with a grand finale. They would take off and land at republic airport so, even if you did not attend the show and you live near the middle of Long Island, chances are you would see (or hear) them flying by overhead. Unfortunately, this year neither will be in attendance. The show will go on while the acrobatic pilots will still be there doing their thing, but there will not be any US military planes in the show….bummer. There is however supposed to be a Canadian Forces CF-18 Hornet, so we should hear some thunder.

Hopefully the weather holds up for this weekend, and if it is nice, I will be heading to the show. I am looking forward to hanging out and enjoying the time off regardless and I hope everyone gets to do the same. Here are some pictures from past JB Air Shows to enjoy.

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