Image of the Week | Special Birthday

This weeks image(s) of the week are dedicated to my beautiful daughter who is turning 4 years old this week. She has a world of personality and has the god given ability always makes me smile. She is my little helper when I need someone to sit in and test my lighting down in the studio and never turns down an opportunity to hang out with me when I ask her to.

Being a younger sister, she always takes a back seat to the weekly excitement. Having an older brother that plays just about every sport imaginable, she is stuck following him around to practices and games, yet she never complains, because we are together. Last night we spent time going through pictures from when she was a baby while I played and sang our song, Father and Daughter by Paul Simon. This week is her time and she will have the spotlight for a change. I am looking forward to making this birthday special for her, because she deserves it.

Happy Birthday to my very special little girl, Punky. You light up my life!


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