Youth Sports

My son Christopher has become quite the aspiring athlete. Ever since he was born, I dreamt of coaching him while he learned and grew playing sports. At 5 years old, he has already played soccer, pee wee tackle football and he is now in his 3rd year of baseball.

As a manager/coach of his baseball team, I am not able to get pictures of him playing in the games, while I am on the field coaching. My wife takes care of that with her camera and she does a good job. I was always interested in trying my skills at sports photography and what better way to get a feel for it than to shoot your own kid.

When he began playing football last summer, I was able to bring my camera down to the field while he practiced and get some nice shots from outside the fence and I was happy with that. After a scrimmage game right before the season began, I shot over 300 pictures of all the players and emailed the gallery to the coaches and parents so they could see and enjoy all the photos. They were all very appreciative to see such close action pictures of their own kids playing in game.

I approached the head coach and asked if it were possible to get onto the field for all the games and shoot from the sidelines. In football, the only people allowed on the field were coaches and players. Sometime this meant that you were watching the game as far as 50 yards away. In return, I would document the entire game and be sure to get pictures of all the players and email the link from my site to the coaches and parents each week to they can see all the pictures. They were excited about the idea and now the team had an official photographer.

Each week the pictures got better and better and I was really enjoying sports photography.  I covered every game from the 2011 season. The parents were enjoying the photographs each week, so much in fact that I was actually getting hired to shoot some away games for the older divisions. I began to wonder if this could be another opportunity for me. As a wedding photographer, I love shooting weddings and events. Shooting sports to me was very different and so much fun. I felt it was a perfect balance to keep shooting all the time and never get tired of it.

I recently went to register my son for football this upcoming season and I met the commissioner who had apparently seen some of the photos I took from last year. He asked if I would be interested in covering some of the games this coming season for him and the photos would be showcased in the league newsletter and who knows what else will come of it.

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