So when that big snow in late December of 2010 was finally over here in NY, it took…

So when that big snow in late December of 2010 was finally over here in NY, it took some time before normal activities would resume. Trains (LIRR) weren't moving for 2 days and weren't full operational for another week. We were snowed in, stuck in the house or doing snow stuff for two days. I needed to get out to do something and it's a good thing I have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, or I would be going nowhere.

I grabbed my camera, but it wasn't until I got on the road that I actually decided where I was going to end up. I just love driving in the snow right after a storm with my truck where there is not many people on the road. It is a rare sight to see the roads so empty on Long Island and I was lovin it!

It was about 2pm when I headed out and I noticed some cool things going on in the sky right after the storm was over. So I ended up that last place I ever would have thought, the beach. I decided to head over to Captree State Park in anticipation of a nice sunset.

The thing that made these shots for me was the contrast of temperature. The sunset looked so fiery and warm in the sky, while the foreground was covered in white powdery (freezing cold) snow. It was so cold and windy at the beach that I would have to set the camera on the tripod after making my settings in the truck while it's running with the hear blasting, take a few pictures and get right back in the truck to warm up. I didn't do this too many times, because of how cold it was, but I was certainly glad I had this crazy idea, cause I now have a beautiful pano from this shoot hanging in my dining room. I had made on a piece of metal and it really pops.

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