Wedding Album Design

I must admit, I enjoy designing the wedding album almost as much as I do shooting the actual wedding. I get to put my images into a book and lay them out in such a way to tell a story. I always know when I’m shooting what images are going to look great in the album. Some of my clients even give me full control on the selection of the images that go into the album, which is hard because I always like more than I am supposed to choose to fit in the album. Seeing the images in the album however, is much than looking at the images individually. When the images are in the album, they are not constrained by the image edges, it is a composite piece of the page, much like a magazine. This is why they call it magazine-style layout.

I like to share some of my designs from time to time, because I do not use templates when I design each album, so every album I design is unique. In the end, I am always proud of the design work, but I am more proud of the images I am able to put into the album. That is what makes the album priceless.

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