The Perfect Season & Awesome Kids

There are so many highlights from this season, too many to capture in one post and literally over 5000 photos from the 8 game season, scrimmages and portraits. Our boys went undefeated this season and I am so proud because I was on the field and saw how it all came together. Every snap, every play of every game, we went out there and learned how to win.

There’s one more game left and my son Christopher is so happy that it’s not yet over. We were supposed to have our Turkey Bowl last weekend, but it was cancelled thanks to that fucking bitch Sandy who messed up so many peoples lives. I thought for sure we would not see another snap, but West Babylon decided they were still going to hold the Turkey Bowl and would move it to this weekend. Everyone still seems into doing it, so it’s a go. I hope our team can make it with everything that is going on lately.

Some of our All Stars. I Love This Team!!!


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