Ringing in the New Year

For 2012, one of the goals I wish to accomplish for my connection to my business and my clients is to create a more active blog. I must admit, I don’t post nearly as often as I would like because I do not like to write, but sometimes I can’t help it. I really use my blog as a picture blog, which is fine because I’m not a writer. But at the very least, I believe the images need a backstory to set the table for anyone that is viewing the blog. I certainly do not post pictures from every shoot, whether it be due to time constraints or simply a respect for the clients privacy. My plan is to post at least a couple of times a week, with thoughts and some images from every shoot. I feel it it much more productive than updating my portfolio. The blog gives me the opportunity to post a series of images and as many as I feel necessary. If I was to update my portfolio from every wedding I shoot, I would use maybe 3 images at the most, but this means that I would most likely remove 3 images for a swap. I try to keep my portfolio small and simple. The blog is really the latest and greatest.

That being said, I am starting off this year late with images taken from a wedding on New Years Eve. The coverage ended at 1am on 1/1/2012, so technically it is my first wedding of 2012 and it could not have been for a more awesome couple. They were completely cool and wanted to make sure I was on the level, or I would not have gotten the job. No bullshit sales talks, they were interested in my images and style before we actually met. We talked about how they met, how the wedding was going to flow, and what they expected from the day. I was going to have plenty of time to get pictures of the bride and groom alone and was given total creative freedom for what images I felt told the story of their wedding day. I feel totally and completely comfortable when this is the case. My biggest motivation when I shoot is to get as many cool rockin images as I can with the time I have cause I didn’t get these types of images when I got married. I’m not much of a picture person when on the other side of the camera, but if my photographer took the time to create some of these images, that would have kicked so much ass! I like to create more than just the expected images, or even the expected images with a twist.

They met when they worked together at an Enterprise rent-a-car place…..and the rest is history.



















Congratulations Lauren & Ryan. You guys are awesome and I wish you guys all the best.

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