My new toys came the other day

I have been putting off getting the new (new to me at least) pocket wizard FlexTT5 transceivers. For years, I have been using the multimax units, but have been anxiously awaiting using the high-speed sync capabilities of these TTL units for outdoor use. I finally took the plunge and picked up three units. So far, I have used them to shoot a wedding. No situations however to hyper sync the flashes, but I was able to test them with the multimax units and no problems there. No extra wires to connect, cause they sit right on the hot shoe, which is nice.I tried the FlexTT5's outside today very briefly and they seem to work pretty awesome. I shot a few frames of my son in the early afternoon sun after we were done playing football. At f2.8, ISO 200, the first is at 1/2000 and the second is 1/5000. So far, me likey.

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