I remember when I was a kid while driving with my dad, he would always point out a classic car while rambling the make, model and year. In most cases, he even knew what motor came with most cars back then, and this is without the internet. Who the hell does that kind of research anymore without the internet? I guess that’s where my appreciation for cars began to develop. Chrome, shiny paint, and a nice sounding motor…..those days, nobody cared about gas mileage.

I used to take picture of cars all the time when I was younger, but I always hated how they came out. The reason is because I always tried to get the entire car in the frame and always took the same boring vantage point. Spend a few minutes with a sexy machine and it’s almost like shooting a boudoir session. Reflecting and enhancing on it’s most significant characteristics.

I plan to pick up a copy of Special Interest magazine to hit as many car shows that I can this summer. More subjects to follow, for sure.




– Mark

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